Customers who are looking for finest Wheel Caster, Concealed Floor Spring, Alarm Lock, etc., should halt at our company.

About Us

ISO 9001:2008 certified Laxmi Group is a synonym of quality and reliability. The company was founded by Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel in the year 1989 and touches new heights of success after his sons, Mr. Kalpesh Patel and Mr. Kelvin Patel (run big organization 'Laxmi Mangent') joined the company. These two not just helped in boosting market growth of their family business unit 'Laxmi Mangent' but also proved their own worth in industry proof of which is Laxmi Group, operated by one of the purest gems of patel family, Mr. Kelvin.

As a reliable Manufacturer and Exporter, we offer Aluminium Profiles, Concealed Floor Spring, Auto Hinges, Cylindrical Lock, Door Holder, Furniture Castors, etc. at considerate prices so that customers coming with both low, medium and high scale budget purchase it without panicking over loss of large amounts of cash.

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